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Climate Control (HVAC)

Air-Conditioning System

Creating a comfortable, human-friendly space

Calsonic Kansei’s climate control systems are the product of both the human sciences and the science of climate control. We test our systems repeatedly to ensure that they provide the user with a comfortable environment, by performing tests all over the world in different climates, weather and driving conditions. We also promote the recycling of resources and the minimization of fuel expenses to preserve the global environment. Under our slogan of creating a comfortable, human-friendly space, we at Calsonic Kansei design and manufacture our own heaters, coolers, intake blowers and other components needed for a climate control system.


The air conditioning unit sets the internal temperature and air outlet to the users’ preference under any climate change and creates a comfortable environment throughout the year. It also demists the windows for safe driving. Calsonic Kansei provides a range of air conditioning units for different vehicles, ranging from compact and luxury vehicles to large trucks and RV’s. We provide a wide range of highly functional products, including independent air conditioning for each seat and automatic air conditioners.

Rear Unit

This is an air conditioning unit for the second and third row seats of vehicles with large cabin spaces such as luxury cars, trucks and SUVs. The rear unit works alongside the main HVAC system at the front of the cabin. The addition of a rear unit can provide better heating and cooling to the rear along with zone control at each seat.

Cool Box

This is a refrigerator installed in the centre console for storing drinks. An evaporator is installed in the cool box to cool the air within the box to keep drinks cold.