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Electronic Components (Centralized Switches)

Calsonic Kansei creates a stylish design by integrating switches including the air conditioner switch and the audio switch into one panel.

Body Control Module

As core unit of the body electronics system which is using CAN (Car area network) communication, BMC does provide “improvement of convenience” and “improvement of Security System” by controlling the overall function of electronic devices.

Instrument Cluster

Calsonic Kansei instruments provide the driver with instant, accurate information about the vehicles, speed, engine revolutions, water temperature and fuel level. Calsonic Kansei develops and produces the entire system, from the sensors that detect the status of the vehicle to the instruments that convey the information to the driver. With the approach of ITS, automobile instruments are being coupled with data communications and safety display functions. Consequently, the instrument panel is evolving into a more advanced information display system, and is becoming the interface between the driver and the machine. To provide the driver with an optimal display, Calsonic Kansei is developing new types of display systems, using its own special approach based on ergonomics and the application of advanced technology.

(English) Lithium-Ion Battery Controller (LBC)

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