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Exhaust Systems

Exhaust System

Providing the optimum balance between the competing requirements of good sound insulation, exhaust gas purification and engine performance.
Calsonic Kansei develops and manufactures complete exhaust systems, from the intake manifold through to the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and muffler. Built from our solid technology and extensive experience, our products offer the optimum balance between the competing requirements of good sound insulation, exhaust gas purification and engine performance. Our exhaust system components are highly respected by automobile makers in Japan and around the world.

Exhaust Manifold Converters

The exhaust manifold converter is a catalytic converter connected directly to the exhaust manifold. Use of this type of exhaust manifold converter has been increasing in recent years compared to the conventional under-floor catalytic converters. The catalytic converter is an exhaust gas purification device that transforms toxic components of the exhaust gas into harmless substances through catalysis and removes them.

Flexible Tubes

Flexible tubes are located in the middle sections of the exhaust system. They absorb engine vibration in order to reduce the vibration transmitted to the exhaust system and the automobile body. Our flexible tubes consist of a stainless steel pipe shaped like a bellows and wire braiding. The tubes have excellent vibration absorbing characteristics and exceptional reliability. Calsonic Kansei’s flexible tubes offer a variety of specifications in terms of caliber, length, and flexibility.

Front Tubes

The front tube is a pipe that guides the exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold to the muffler. It is connected by the exhaust manifold and the flange connector. In cars with dual exhaust manifolds, the front tube is used as a Y tube to collect exhaust gas. Alternatively, it balances the exhaust gas of the dual exhaust manifold and exhaust noise as an H tube.

Centre Mufflers

The center muffler complements the sound insulation of the rear muffler and improves the resonance characteristics of the exhaust system. Rear mufflers are classified depending on their size. The most common structures used for the center muffler are relatively simple, and include the expansion type, the resonance type and the sound absorbing type. If a larger capacity is needed, a combination of several sound insulating structures may be used. A muffler may also be called a pre-muffler or a post-muffler depending on where it is attached in relation to the center muffler.

Rear Muffler

The rear muffler plays a role in discharging exhaust gas generated from the engine while dampening the sound, cooling, and purifying.