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Instrument Panel

Through the use of innovative manufacturing methods we are producing instrument panels not only with excellent design characteristics, but with the ability to define a vehicles character. The materials and methodologies behind our Instrument Panels offer not only convenience and enhanced operability but a high quality feel that is second to none.


In addition to our IP Product range we also produce Consoles which offer fantastic usability and convenience. These, are designed with not just high quality in mind but a willingness to minimize weight and use more environmentally friendly materials.

We are producing instrument panels and consoles with excellent design characteristics with various kinds of manufacturing method. We are providing products which have excellent texture, operability, convenience and define vehicle’s character by the advanced manufacturing and design technology, and by the integrated system from design to development/manufacturing. In addition, we have reduced weight of instrument panel by using resin for it and we are producing environmental-conscious products for which resin’s characteristics is utilized like easier recycling by changing to the single material.