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Our Organisational Culture – CK WAY (Calsonic Kansei Way)

What is CK WAY?

An action Guideline for each company employee to realize Corporate Vision.

The heart and performance of each employee are what make Calsonic Kansei powerful and competitive.

Act with sincerity and with confidence and pride supported by expertise.

Our company’s significant goal is to improve our customers’ satisfaction, strengthen our competitiveness, achieve growth, and generate profit. In the same time, more important is to make Calsonic Kansei a Great company.

What are the key elements which we are looking for to become a Great company?

People: Inspired People, Pride, Loyalty, “Never Give Up” Spirit, Strong Common Values, supportive and motivated people.

Global: Cross Regional Team Work, Diversity, Global Automotive Brand, Dynamic and Agile organization responding to the rapidly changing global business opportunities and risks.

World-Leading: Technological Innovation, Product and Process Excellence generating Best Quality and Most Competitive Cost for our Customers, Seamless Collaboration.

Sustainable: Contribution to the global ecology, consistent delivery of value to the customers and the society (beyond making profit), and Good Corporate Citizen.

To sustain our goal and also as part of the revision activity of our company vision – mission – values, we have revised in 2012 the content of organisational culture values and beliefs with support from all Calsonic Kansei regions and a new set of values is in place as of 2013.

The new set of values is divided in 3 main categories – Individual, Task and Team with its values under each category, attached below, values which represent our way of doing things.

Each value is defined by desirable and undesirable behaviours starting from simple things and simple questions that we should reflect on:

  • What is my list of values?
  • Which are my guidelines in life?
  • What is my interest for my working place?
  • What do I want from my colleagues?
  • What do I have to offer to my colleagues?
  • What do I want from my superiors?

These are certainly simple questions, which if you do an exercise and ask yourself, you will probably discover out of the answers some of the values of our company.

The desirable and undesirable description for each value represent a guide for our employees and a direction of what the company expects and how each of our people can contribute ….

We are committed to actualize “NO.1 people/ NO.1 company” with our continuous engagement to develop our People, Organization, Culture and Corporate behavior to the next level and to contribute for the achievement of Calsonic Kansei Corporation Vision and Mission.

Noburu Noda

Executive Vice-President

Global Corporate Development Division