Company Profile


The term V-Up stands for ‘Value-Up’ and represents a global initiative to add value to all areas of our business by improving processes, or resolving strategic issues, which have a direct impact on quantifiable performance.

Our V-Up process seeks to bring about positive improvements in the way we work by:

  • Promoting cross functional teamwork to draw upon the diverse experience and know-how of our employees from different departments, divisions and even regions;
  • Utilising standardised data analysis tools to fully understand the process or strategic issue;
  • Utilising standardised tools to improve the process or resolve the strategic issue.

Whilst we adopt standardised methodology and tools, our V-Up programs are tailored in their approach depending upon the complexity of the project and the potential impact to our business.

It is our aim for the V-Up process to become deeply rooted throughout our business and we expect that the V-Up methodology and tools will be used during our day to day activities as part of our standard approach to the way we work.