Interview – Cristina Neagu

I have been working for Calsonic Kansei Romania since October 2007 and I started out as a Quality Inspector. The journey from my initial position to the current one, QA Manager in Calsonic Kansei Romania was possible due to the internal promotion opportunity and career path in place in our organization. One year after joining the company I was given the opportunity to take part and was selected for a Quality Engineering position within our organization.

For 3 years I was responsible for both of the HVAC lines in CKRO factory.

On October 2011 I was promoted as Engineering Quality Team Leader for 6 months.

I have a demonstrated ability to work professionally and collegially with internal members of our company but also with customers and suppliers.

Calsonic Kansei as an employer it is a company with potential which knows how to recognize the employees’ efforts and merits.

The happiness moment in CKRO was the starting of L38 HVAC assembly process. I was the quality representative for development and implementation with success of a new product in front of both customer and suppliers, L38 HVAC – Renault.

I love what I am doing and I cannot imagine working in a different department.

Quality department maintains and continuously improves the working relationship with suppliers and customers.

Calsonic Kansei is a great company with many opportunities for professional development.

All Calsonic Kansei members are involved and motivated to create value in existing and future projects.

Actual and future projects, demonstrate the higher level of methods and technologies approached.