Interview – David Butterworth

My Name is David Butterworth, and I have been working for Calsonic Kansei Washington since 2006.

I work within the finance team as Credit Control Technician. I have found, however, my position to be much broader than a Credit Controller, as a large portion of my time is now allocated to a more general accounting role. This has enhanced greatly my understanding of the business, not just locally, but as a Global Enterprise.

In the summer of 2011 I was invited to become one of the CK Way Ambassadors supporting the finance team. I have found this to be very positive. Firstly, becoming an Ambassador has challenged my approach to my job and my colleagues helping me to become involved in the “bigger” finance picture. Secondly, however, the role has enabled me draw on skills and experience gathered as a part time teacher in a local Academy (Secondary School) in creating and delivering presentations initially for the finance team, but more recently for the CKNE HR Team also. Calsonic Kansei has been very helpful in providing additional training in communication skills for all of the ambassadors employed across the North East of England (CKNE).

The company has also proved to be very understanding, when I suffered bereavement, providing professional help in dealing with that situation.
Whilst I have held the same position for the whole time that I have worked for CK Washington (as probably have many others), It has become apparent that the Company values each of it’s employees very highly, and is actively seeking to develop all those who wish it, not just for the benefit of the Company, but more importantly, for the benefit of the individual.