Interview – Steve Harrison

My name is Steve Harrison. I started working for Calsonic back in 2007. My journey with CK has been exciting and invigorating with challenges and opportunities at every corner.

Starting off on the production line moving to lead operator then onto my current position of manufacturing coordinator has been an experience that I will never forget. Not only has it tested my skills and attributes , it has given me a desire and a drive to succeed further and reach my true potential to understand what I am truly cable of achieving. This has been achieved through transparency and commitment from not only myself but also from my peers, colleagues and mentors.

Calsonic has developed me into the person I am today through various experiences and opportunities of learning best practice from diverse cultures and countries to helping me achieving my own personal commitments and targets , from best in class training from simple items such as kaizen school to achieving my certificate in leadership and management from the Open University . Calsonic have dedicated there time and support to help me strive for more. Calsonic is truly a family in itself where independence and individuality are promoted but the strong bond of teamwork helps the not only company succeed but people succeed as well. My journey through Calsonic has opened many doors and with the learning culture at hand , I can not see my experiences , opportunities and my exciting journey with Calsonic ending soon!